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    Golden Everlasting (Xerochrysum-bracleatum) & Blue tiger butterfly (Tirumala limniace) © Lorraine Anderson
  • African daisies (Arctotis stoechadifolia) © Lorraine Anderson
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    Composite daisy (Gazania rigens asteraceae) © Lorraine Anderson
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    Angular Pig Face (Carpobrotus glaucescens) © Lorraine Anderson
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Wild Orchids
June is a good month to spot wild Orchids. Look out for the Common spotted Orchid, found growing on roadside banks and in grassland, the Pyramidal orchid that has a distinctive pyramidal shape, also found on roadside banks and in chalk grassland and less common the Bee orchid whose flowers have a large lip resembling a visiting bee.
Hedgerows have a variety of shrubs in flower such as the Dog rose, Guelder rose, Honeysuckle and Dogwood.
Very much in evidence this month is the blossom of the Elder tree that has scented, creamy-white flowers held in flat umbels. Certain trees will now be forming fruit and seeds - Cherry plum with its red or yellow cherry-like fruit and Horse Chestnut with its familiar conkers that can be seen beginning to form.
Sow some biennials
Sow some biennials this month for flowering next year. They will produce foliage in their first year, flowering the following year before setting seed and dying. Examples include Foxgloves with lots of varieties and colours, Wallflowers, Sweet Williams and Teasels that are good for wildlife as their flowers attract pollinators and their seed heads are loved by birds such as Goldfinches.
Some vegetables will be ready to harvest such as peas and broadbeans. Continue to sow carrots, French beans and salad crops such as lettuce, radish and rocket for a continuous supply during the summer.
Roses will be in full flower this month so, to encourage repeat flowering, deadhead them regularly. Spray any that are diseased and give them a feed.

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