Quince Cydonia oblonga



Quince Cydonia oblonga© Ita McCobb

Quince Latin name

Cydonia oblonga

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Cydonia oblonga Common name


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Quince Plant family

Cydonia (Rosaceae) – one species of deciduous tree grown for its habit, flowers, Autumn foliage and edible fruits.

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Quince Description

Category: Trees

Type: Deciduous

Form: Low, spreading tree

Height: 5 metres

Spread: 5 metres

Leaves: Long (to 15 cm), broad, hairy (almost felt-like) leaves that are dull green.

Flowers/berries: Profusion of flat, white, single-rose-like, very fragrant flowers in Spring followed by edible fruits in Autumn.

Normally grown for: Its form, flowers and fruits.

Notes: Vulnerable to mildew, Brown rot and Fireblight.

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Quince Planting preferences

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Soil type: Grows in any but waterlogged soil but grow against a South- or West-facing wall in cold areas.

Planting situation: Full sun

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Quince Uses

Container – Small varieties


Fruit – Need to be cooked before consuming, mostly used as flavouring or preserves.

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