Norway spruce Picea abies


Norway spruces Picea abies © Ita McCobb

Norway spruce Latin name

Picea abies

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Picea abies Common name

Norway spruce/Christmas tree/Common spruce

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Norway spruce Plant family

Picea (Pinaceae) – varieties of thin, scaly barked conifers that have sharp needle-like leaves arranged spirally on woody “pegs” protruding from the ridged shoots by which the needles are attached. Cones hang and normally fall when ripe.

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Norway spruce Description

Category: Conifers

Form: Fast-growing, open, conical conifer with spiral layered branches around the trunk.

Type: Evergreen

Height: Up to 15 metres

Spread: Up to 3 metres

Leaves: Dark green leaves

Cones/fruit: Very long (to 20 cm), narrow glossy brown, hanging cones

Normally grown for: Mainly as Christmas trees.

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Norway spruce Planting preferences

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Soil type: Most soil types and will tolerate wet soil

Planting situation: Full sun/semi shade

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Norway spruce Uses

Christmas tree


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