Common yew Taxus baccata



Yew Taxus baccata 'Hedge' and Common Yew Taxus baccata tree (trimmed) © Ita McCobb

Common yew Latin name

Taxus baccata

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Taxus baccata Common name

Common yew

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Common yew Plant family

Taxus (Taxaceae) – variety of conifers grown as features, screening and hedging. Conifers are plants that are evergreen and bear cones and evergreen needle- or scale-like leaves.

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Common yew Description

Category: Conifer

Form: Slow growing, dense form. As opposed to other conifer hedges, Yew Taxus baccata 'Hedge' will grow back even when heavily trimmed.

Type: Evergreen

Height: 10 metres depending on variety

Spread: 8 metres depending on variety

Leaves: Dark green, needle-like flat leaves

Flowers/berries: Female plants produce fleshy, cup-shaped red fruit – fleshy part of which is edible but the seeds are not.

Normally grown for: Slow-growing, dense hedging or screening or as a feature tree, especially for topiary work.

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Common yew Planting Preferences

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Soil type: Grows in most types of soil

Planting situation: Thrives in sun but will tolerate shade once established

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Common yew Uses



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