Tulips Tulipa


Tulips Tulipa  © Ita McCobb

Tulips Latin name


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Tulipa Common name


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Tulips Plant family

Tulipa – varieties of mainly Spring-flowering bulbs grown for their huge variety of bright coloured, upward facing goblet-shaped flowers, with a tremendous choice of petal shapes and variations, excellent impact when planted “en masse”

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Tulips Description

Category: Bulb

Type: Flowering bulb

Height: 5 to 60 cm depending on variety

Spread: 20 cm depending on variety

Leaves: Lance- or strap-shaped grey-green/green leaves formed around the stem

Flowers/berries: Generally single, bright coloured, upward facing, goblet-shaped flowers with pointed petals

Normally grown for: Their vast variety of brightly coloured flowers

Notes: Excellent impact when planted en masse

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Tulip Varieties

Single early: have cupped-shaped single flowers that open wide in sunshine

Double early: have long-lasting double flowers that open wide in sunshine

Triumph: have cone-shaped flowers that open to form a rounder shape in the sun

Darwin hybrids: have large single flowers in a variety of shapes

Single late: have single flowers with long pointed petals that curl backwards at the tip

Lily-flowered: Spring- or early Summer-flowering with generally two often fragrant flowers per stem with small coloured cup and white petals

Fringed: similar to lily-flowered but have fringed petals

Viridiflora: have single flowers with partly green petals

Rembrant: have single flowers with striped or feathered patterns

Parrot: have large single, twisted, frilled or fringed flowers

Double-late: have double peony-like flowers

Kaufmannia hybrids: have mottled leaves and two-coloured single flowers that open flat in the sun

Fosteriana hybrids: have large single flowers that open flat in the sun and mottled leaves

Greigii hybrids: have large single flowers and wavy-edged, mottled or striped leaves

Miscellaneous: the catch-all for varieties that don’t fit into any of the preceding categories.

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Tulips Planting preferences

Hardiness: Most are fully hardy

Soil type: Needs well-drained soil

Planting situation: Sunny position

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Tulips Uses



Feature – particularly when panted en masse

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