Hippeastrum "Amaryllis" Hippeastrum


"Amaryllis" Hippeastrum © Jennifer Hope-Morley

Amaryllis Latin name


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Hippeastrum Common name


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Amaryllis Plant family

Hippeastrum– varieties of bulbs grown for their long, stout stems and their huge funnel-shaped flowers.

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Amaryllis Description

Category: Bulb

Type: Flowering bulb

Height: Up to 50 cm depending on variety

Spread: Up to 30 cm depending on variety

Leaves: Long, strap-like leaves

Flowers/berries: Top-heavy flower on long stout stem Summer-, Autumn-, Winter- and Spring-flowering depending on variety

Normally grown for: Stout stem bearing enormous, funnel-shaped flowers in a range of colours depending on variety

Notes: Incorrectly commonly cultivated as “Amaryllis”. Bulbs should be kept dry while dormant.

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Amaryllis Planting preferences

Hardiness: Frost hardy to frost tender

Soil type: Needs well-drained soil

Planting situation: Full sun or semi-shade

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Amaryllis Uses



Cut flowers

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