About Pollination

“Now I understand why bees and other insects are in decline and why we need them back urgently!” F B, Manchester

“Quite a few shocks and surprises at Nature’s seemingly endless ability to be creative – and all to our benefit!”  J M, Llandudno

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They do one of the most important jobs on our planet yet they are treated with the least respect of all.

So why are pollinators important? Pollinators are important not just because many countries’ economies depend on agriculture (and of those that don’t, agriculture still plays a sizeable role in their overall economy), but also because we depend on pollination to feed the world and maintain ecosystems.

But what is pollination and how does it work? How are we risking all by ignoring its importance? We examine these questions and not only find some surprising answers but also discover some of the most creative and original solutions devised by nature to fulfil plants’ needs to procreate and avoid some of the horrendous threats that mankind invents to kill off pollinators..

Who among us has not been tempted to keep bees – if only to improve the quality of the flowers and fruit in our garden and have a regular supply of honey? To help you get started we also include a beekeeping specialist’s introduction to beekeeping.

Read this book and your respect for insect and other pollinators will levitate to new levels.