Rosemary Rosmarinus officinallis


Rosemary Rosmarinus officinallis © Ita McCobb

Rosemary Latin name

Rosmarinus officinallis

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Rosmarinus officinallis Common name


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Rosemary Plant family

Rosmarinus (Labiatae) – varieties of evergreen shrubs grown for their aromatic foliage, which can be used in cooking.

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Rosemary Description

Category: Herbs

Form: Dense shrub

Type: Evergreen

Height: 1.5 metre

Spread: 1.5 metre

Leaves: Spiky stalks with aromatic narrow leaves used in cooking

Flowers/berries: Leaves interspersed with blue flowers from Summer onward

Normally grown for: Its use as a culinary herb and to create fragrant areas in gardens

Uses in cooking: Rosemary has a very strong flavour so use sparingly and finely chopped in stuffings for meat and game and use sprigs inserted into roast lamb, mutton, pork or game. Rosemary can also be used in sweet dishes such as custards, creams and poached pears.

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Rosemary Planting Preferences

Hardiness: Frost hardy

Soil type: Needs fertile well-drained soil

Planting situation: Full sun or against west-facing wall.

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When to plant/harvest rosemary

Plant out young plants in Spring or young rotted cuttings in Summer. Harvest as and when needed once the plant has become established.

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Rosemary Uses






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