Common elder Sambucus nigra


Common elder Sambucus nigra © Ita McCobb

Common elder Latin name

Sambucus nigra

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Sambucus nigra Common name

Common elder

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Common elder Plant family

Sambucus (Caprifoliaceae) – varieties of deciduous and perennial shrubs grown for their flowers, fruit and foliage.

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Common elder Description

Category: Shrubs

Form: Bushy shrub

Type: Deciduous

Height: 6 metre

Spread: 6 metres

Leaves: Cork-like shoots and yellowy green leaves made up of 5 oval leaflets

Flowers/berries: Flat heads of fragrant star-shaped, cream-coloured flowers in dense clusters in Spring followed by spherical black fruits in Summer

Normally grown for: Its flowers and black fruits that are sometimes used to make elder wine.

Notes: for best effect trim heavily in Winter.

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Common elder Planting preferences

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Soil type: Needs fertile moist soil.

Planting situation: Sun

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Common elder Uses

Exposed site



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