English bluebell Hyacinthoides non-scriptus


English bluebell Hyacinthoides non-scriptus © J McCobb

English bluebell Latin name

Hyacinthoides non-scriptus/Scilla non-scripta

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Hyacinthoides non-scriptus Common name

English bluebell

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English bluebell Plant family

Hyacinthoides – varieties of Spring-flowering bulbs grown for their bell-shaped blue, white or pink flowers, tuft-like form and as groundcover.

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English bluebell Description

Category: Bulbs

Type: Flowering bulbs

Height: From 20 to 40 cm

Spread: From 8 to 10 cm

Leaves: Many strap-shaped green leaves

Flowers/berries: Fragrant spikes of blue, white or pink bell-shaped hanging flowers – several per stem

Normally grown for: Their colourful, fragrant Spring flowers and tuft-like form

Note: Can be naturalized

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English bluebell Planting preferences

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Soil type: Moist, preferably heavy soil

Planting situation: Partial shade

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English bluebell Uses





Wooded situations

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