Flip's Diary

The ramblings of a free-spirited, risk-taking, philosophical canine

30 entertaining stories illustrated with fun black and white drawings.

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What the critics said:

“Loved the way it was written!”

“I chuckled my way through this”

“Easy reading. A book you can dip into whenever you feel like a light-hearted laugh!”

Flip's Diary description

The aptly named Flip von Storm philosophically sets out his hilarious daily exploits and misunderstandings in order to demonstrate the rules, risks and loopholes available to dog-kind when living in a world run by Hugh-men. We enjoy his riotous memoirs and near (and often actual) disasters as he recounts his exploits in a series of short stories.

In this amusing book, he tells, among other things, of his innate ability to play a great game of football, the pains and pleasures of “training” Hugh-men, pier-group pressures, the pleasures and pains of vets and subsequent medication, his first introduction to bird-kind, the joys of workmen’s toolboxes and the pleasures (and dangers) of Christmas celebrations.