• French pumpkins © Ita McCobb
  • Swiss Pumpkin © Jennifer Hope-Morley
  • Ogunquit USA pumpkins © A Willstrop
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Vegetable patches
Remove old vegetable plants remaining in the ground and any weeds and other debris. The soil can then be given a rough dig (clumps will be broken down by frost) and spread with manure or other organic matter.
Tender plants & outside containers
Remove saucers from under containers and raise them up off the ground using pot feet or something similar. Tender plants will need protection either by moving inside or to a sheltered frost-free area. Other plants can be wrapped with horticultural fleece or similar protection and containers wrapped with bubblewrap.
Roses & fruit trees
Start to plant roses this month and also begin pruning apple and pear trees during the time they are dormant. If left unpruned they will become less productive.
The first weeks in November are often the best time to see Autumn leaf colour and as the leaves fall, the ground will be covered with their different tints.
As the leaves fall attention will be drawn to colourful berries that will become more prominent once the branches are bare.
Flowers & moss
Depending on the weather there may still be some flowers in bloom but frosts will quickly kill off any still flowering. Instead look out for different types of moss and for help with identification click on the heading of this text.

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