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    Weeping lilly pilly (Syzygium luehamannii) © Lorraine Anderson
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Vegetables for planting outside
Vegetables that can be planted directly outside this month include Broad beans, Runner beans, Peas, Salad crops and Summer Spinach amongst others.
The weather can still be cold in May so delay planting Tomatoes outside until towards the end of the month, however it’s a good time to buy young plants if they can be grown on under glass.
Plant outside Dahlia tubers, Summer bedding plants and Chrysanthemums this month once they have been hardened off and start successional planting of Gladioli.
Most flowers will now be out along roadside verges, in meadows and along edges of woods and hedgerows. Some in flower this month are Cow parsley, Meadow buttercup, Oxeye daisy, Stitchwort, Red campion and Red clover to name but a few, while there is a chance that there will be a few Bluebells still flowering in woodland.
In hedgerows look out for the highly-scented flowers of the Hawthorn also known as May, the large white flowers of the Elder and the flowers of climbing white and black Bryony.
This month the most recognizable tree in flower is the Horse chestnut with its candle-like clusters of white flowers and also the blossom of Wild crab apple. Less obvious will be the seeds of Willows that are easily dispersed as they are covered with a very light fluff that wafts away even on calm days.

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