About Soil

“My gardening habits have changed drastically after reading this – I’ve never before received so many compliments on the quality of my plants.” E W, Tamworth

“For me soil was just there and farmers planted things in it – now I consider soil in a new and humbling light.” P B, Hammersmith

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Soil may seem very ordinary and simple ... so much so that we all take it for granted without recognizing its fundamental importance.

In fact, soil is an extremely complex, fragile, variable and living medium that is vital to our life on Earth because of the myriad functions that soil performs (or plays an essential role in performing) that directly affect the health and well-being of our life on Earth. Soil is essential to both an animal's and a plant’s survival – in the same way as these are essential to ours.

In this book we try to give our readers a clear indication of soil’s importance, both from a gardening, food and health perspective as well as demonstrating the magnitude of the impact it has on maintaining our well-being and level of economic comfort of our lives on Earth.

Soil affects all aspects of plant growth. Plants are picky – which is why it's essential to choose (or create) the right soil for the right plants. We offer you a guide to what to plant in which soil.

Soil acts as an anchor for a plant’s roots so that it is stable and can grow. It holds the water in which the soil nutrients are changed into a form that plants can ingest. It controls a plant’s ability to grow and reproduce in order to provide food for both us and the animals we raise.

Soil is a non-renewable resource that is fundamental to our lives on Earth – and yes, it’s not by chance that the words “earth” and “soil” are used synonymously!