Wild flower families


Representative images of wild-flower families

To give you an idea of the enormous variety of wild flowering plants in existence, on the following pages we have set out a selection of wild flowering plant families based on those referred to in Francis Rose’s The Wild Flower Key (published by Warne).

Since, with the exception of one or two families, each flowering plant family contains many different subspecies we have chosen one flowering plant to represent each of the families depicted.

While botanists generally follow a set hierarchical list when referring to plants, our list uses common names followed by the plant’s botanical name. This said, we have divided the list into Dicotyledons – a plant with an embryo bearing two cotyledons, which is the larger of the two classes of flowering species, and Monocotyledons – a plant with an embryo bearing one cotyledon.

A cotyledon is an embryonic leaf in seed-bearing plants, one or more of which are the first to appear from a germinating seed.

It should always be remembered that while a picture says a thousand words – it cannot say everything and the best way to view wild flowers is to go out and find and appreciate them in situ.






Unless otherwise indicated, images © Ita McCobb & Jennifer Hope-Morley


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References: The Wild Flower Key, Frances Rose (updated by Clare O’Reilly), Warne.