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    Bleeding heart (Dicentra spectabilis) © Jennifer Hope-Morley
  • Dusky crane's-bill (Geranium phaeum) © Jennifer Hope-Morley
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    Peony (Paeonia suffruticosa) © Jennifer Hope-Morley
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    Rhododendron (Sappho White Rhododendron) © Jennifer Hope-Morley
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Woodland flowers
The woodland canopy will be closing over rapidly now so so there will not be enough light for many flowers. However, depending on the weather, Bluebells may still be forming a blue carpet across the woodland floor. Bluebells are considered an ancient woodland indicator species so the woods are likely to date back to 1600 or earlier.
Hedgerows & verges
Many flowers can now be found along hedgerows and roadside verges. Look out for Cow parsley, Red campion and Stichwort amongst many others.
With the warmer weather many trees will be bursting into flower with the easily identifiable Horse chestnut leading the way. Another tree to flower this month is the Common whitebeam, a native of the south of England that produces clusters of white flowers in May.
Harden off plants
Plants that have been grown indoors for planting outside can be hardened off. Over a period of ten days put them outside during the day then bring them back inside at night.
some annuals
Sow some annuals such as Nigella, Zinnia, Cornflower and Nasturtium directly where they are to flower.
Weeds & pests
Keep on top of weeding, either by using a hoe or by hand, to remove weeds before they have seeded and to prevent competition for water and nutrients. Look out for pests, particularly aphids. Wipe them off or spray with a liquid soap solution.

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