• Hodgins holly (Ilex x altaclerensis Hodginsii) © Ita
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    Holly 'Golden Queen' (Ilex aquifolium) © Ita
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Leave the flowerheads on Hydrangeas. These will provide decorative Winter interest and also protect the buds of next year’s blooms.
Pot up
Any bulbs planted earlier in the Autumn for indoor flowering, such as Paperwhites and Hyacinths, should be brought into a warm and light room to encourage flowering for the festive season.
It may be gloomy outside but there are shrubs that provide fragrance at this time of year, such as Sweet box and Winter honeysuckle. A few sprays from the garden can be brought inside to perfume a room.
Once deciduous trees have shed their leaves their network of branches will be revealed making it more difficult to identify them, however look out for buds and remains of Autumn fruits that can help with identification.
Look out for the bright red berries of evergreen Holly that are associated with Christmas decorations as well as clumps of opaque white berries of the semi-parasitic Mistletoe that can be seen high up on branches of host trees now the leaves have fallen.
Most native Ferns will be green in December however Bracken, the UK’s most common Fern, dies back in Autumn, its fronds turning a copper-brown.

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