• Maple tree leaves (Acer) © Ita McCobb
  • The Blusher © Jennifer Hope-Morley
  • Shaggy-inkcaps (Coprinus comatus) © Ita McCobb
  • Guelder rose (Viburnum opulus) © Ita McCobb
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Time to plant Spring-flowering bulbs
Now is the time to start planting Spring-flowering bulbs such as Crocus and Daffodils but wait until the cooler weather in November to plant Tulips.
Cutback herbs such as Thyme, Oregano and Sage. Cut out the dead wood and remove flowers heads. Harvest Summer herbs that will not overwinter. Dry and then freeze leaves or use them to make herb oils and vinegar.
Start to plant trees, shrubs and roses to get them well established while the soil is still warm and moisture levels are increasing. Don’t forget to water them well after planting and (if the weather is dry) continue to do so occasionally.
Trees start to prepare for Winter producing less chlorophyll as the days shorten so watch the change of season with the treescape gradually changing from green to the rich Autumn reds, yellows and orange.
After the Summer warmth, the more moist conditions of Autumn encourage the fruiting of Fungi so look out for a wide variety of Mushrooms and Toadstools in woodland and damp grassland.
Fruits, nuts & seeds
Autumn is a productive time with seeds, nuts and berries ripening and changing colour.

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