• Banana flower & fruit © Jennifer Hope-Morley
  • Loquat fruit © Jennifer Hope-Morley
  • Pomegranite fruit © Jennifer Hope-Morley
  • Pomegranite flower © Jennifer Hope-Morley
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Herbs can be cut back to encourage new growth for harvesting before the first frosts. Leave a section of each herb for immediate cutting. Seeds of herbs such as Fennel and Dill can be collected for resowing.
Tomato plants
It is a good idea to thin leaves and pinch out any top growth on tomato plants so energy will go into the fruit production. Removing leaves will help air to circulate and prevent disease. Feed with high potash tomato fertiliser and make sure to water regularly.
Container plants
Make sure to water plants in containers even after rain as thick foliage may prevent water reaching the compost and give plants a regular liquid fertiliser.
Wild flowers
Along roadside verges look out for Knapweed and Wild marjoram that can also be found in meadows along with Hemp agrimony that is loved by insects and butterflies and the flowers and seedheads of Yellow rattle.
Fruits & Berries
Ripening berries will be seen everywhere in August, such as blackberries from Bramble bushes, hips on Wild roses and red hawberries on Hawthorns. Also look out for hazelnuts, beech nuts and acorns.
Heath & Moorland
Heath and moorland will be covered with the purple flowers of Heather, also known as Ling, that attract a wide variety of pollinators.

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